Department of Integrated Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine

Department of Integrated Non-Surgical Aesthetic Medicine
Cosmetic medicine: Cosmetic medicine is known as a set of medical procedures that aim to improve the external appearance of the patient, and can be conducted for functional or aesthetic purposes, and has increased the importance of the specialization of cosmetic medicine for its importance in the psychological factor of the patient and improve his psychological condition after a cosmetic procedure on his appearance whether it to treat deformity or improvement in appearance.

Botox 🧪 🧪

❇️ Tighten the facial muscles and identify the muscles that cause kinetic wrinkles

❇️ Treating the upper third of the face with Botox

❇️ Treatment of the so-called rabbit wrinkles

❇️ Neck wrinkles treatment

❇️ Gummy smile treatment

❇️ Excessive sweating treatment

❇️ Treatment of rosacea in the cheeks

❇️ Sad face treatment

❇️ nefertiti neck lift

❇️ Neck wrinkles treatment

❇️ Meso Botox

❇️ Botox face slimming.

❇️ Eyelid wrinkles treatment

❇️ Treatment of smoker lines

❇️ أDifferent types of Botox

❇️Botox complications and management.


💉 the filler 💉

♦️ Learn about the various methods of injecting fillers

♦️ lip filler 👄

♦️ Filler under the eye

♦️ Filler cheeks

♦️ Filler injections with Texas technology

♦️ Filler injections to adjust the shape of the nose 👃🏼

♦️ Filler injections of laughing lines

♦️ Filler injections for the temple area.

♦️ Filler injections to lift the eyebrow.

♦️ Filler injections for hands.

♦️ Filler injections with chin.

♦️ Filler injections with cannula.

♦️ Filler injection of eyebrow confluence area

♦️ Filler injection with caniola.

♦️ treatment of more than one area of the face at the same time.

♦️ Reproportion the face by injecting the filler.

♦️ cases in which you should avoid filler injections

♦️ The combinations of filler injections and the way they are managed.



(definition, components, properties of mesotherapy chemicals, types depending on the injected positions in the areas of the body)

🔶 identification of meso, its ingredients and types

🔶 identify the injection method and the appropriate injection depth for each region and case

🔶 use of mesotherapy to treat hair loss

🔶 use of meso for skin freshness

🔶 use meso to dissolve fat

🔶 use of the dermapen device with miso (its importance and how to use for each area of the face)

🔶Share of mesotherapy with filler and botox.

🔶 optimal use of mesotherapy.

🔶 Contras to use.

🔶 Combinations and how they are managed.  


🧪plasma rich PRP🧪

✅ the best way to draw blood while preserving platelets

✅ use of the tiff to separate platelets from the blood

✅ ways of injecting plasma by region

✅ the injection of plasma into the face plasma injection

✅ into the scalp

✅ the difference between the preparation of different plasma types.


✅Inhibits the application of plasma.

✅Combinations and how they are managed.

✅dark anomaly treatment.

✅Share with mesotherapy in various applications.  


Threads screwing 

🌀 Cases of using tension threads

🌀 Cases in which tensile threads should be avoided

🌀 How to use tensile threads

🌀 different types of threads.

🌀 Facelift techniques.

🌀 Brow lift techniques.

🌀 Neck tightening techniques.

🌀 Possible Combinations and their management mechanism.

🌀 Contraindications.

🌀 Ideal cases are threads.

🌀 Homework instructions attached to it after applying the threads.


💥Plasmajet device 💥

🌟 The importance of plasma and how to use it

🌟 Lift the upper and lower eyelids using plasma

🌟 Removal of moles using plasma

🌟 Scar treatment

🌟 Treat sagging skin

🌟 Treating signs of starch.

🌟 eyebrow lift. lip lift

🌟 The right way to use.

🌟 Usage blocks.

🌟 possible Combinations.


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