Membership in the European Board

Membership in the European Board


The membership category in the European Board is considered one of the most important categories related to the medical field. It provides an opportunity for specialized doctors in various medical specialties to obtain an internationally recognized certificate that demonstrates their high level of experience and specialization in their medical field.


The advantages of obtaining membership in the European Board include:


• International recognition of experience and high competence in the specified medical specialization, allowing professionals who hold this certificate to work anywhere in the world and expand their professional opportunities.

• Providing opportunities for continuous education and specialized professional training for doctors, enhancing their knowledge and skills in their medical specialization.

• The opportunity to improve communication and interaction skills with patients, healthcare communities, and colleagues in the profession.

• Obtaining international accreditation and respect from colleagues and the entire medical community.

• The opportunity to participate in scientific medical research and provide consultancy advice in the medical field.


In general, the membership category in the European Board represents an important step in improving the professional level, expanding job opportunities, and gaining international respect in the medical field.

Membership in the European Board It does not amount to an academic or scientific certificate, and the EUROPEAN BOARD FOR MEDICAL CONSULTING LTD is a medical consulting company licensed in the United Kingdom with license number: 13039824, and membership is granted to doctors who prove their practice of medical work and fulfill all membership conditions.

Certificate cost : $325 (valid for two years and renewable)