The High Advisory Body in the European Board

“The High Advisory Body in the European Board”


The European Board’s High Advisory Council is distinguished by bringing together a group of elite doctors with high expertise and competencies in various fields of medicine, where they are selected and appointed by the European Board. Members of the Advisory Council enjoy several advantages, including:


•Providing expert advice and consultation to the European Board and its affiliated physicians, exchanging medical knowledge and expertise in various medical fields. •Setting medical standards and developing modern and advanced techniques in various medical specialties.

Supporting scientific research and contributing to the advancement and development of the medical field.

Providing support and assistance to physicians affiliated with the European Board, guiding them and providing them with the necessary support to achieve excellence and success in the field of medicine. •Improving the level of healthcare and the quality of medical services worldwide.


In general, members of the High Advisory Council in the European Board are distinguished by their high expertise and excellence in the field of medicine, and this council constitutes a driving force for development and progress in the field of healthcare and advanced medicine.

The High Advisory Body in the European Board It does not amount to an academic or scientific certificate, and the EUROPEAN BOARD FOR MEDICAL CONSULTING LTD is a medical consulting company licensed in the United Kingdom with license number: 13039824, and membership is granted to doctors who prove their practice of medical work and fulfill all membership conditions.

Certificate cost : $550 (valid for two years and renewable)